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All these utilities are for Windows 95/98/NT only unless noted otherwise.

Right-click either the icon at the left or the text link at the right of each item, and choose "Save target as...".

NOTE:  This page, originally hosted on an AOL members page starting in 1998, is now located on my personal domain http://wa8lmf.net . It is being retained (but not updated) strictly for compatibility with other peoples' links and bookmarks.  The comprehensive collection of downloadable stuff on my website is located at:  http://wa8lmf.net/miscinfo

WaveTools.gif (268 bytes) Download Paul Kellet's Wavetools utilities.  Use a PC soundcard as an audio signal generator, dual-trace scope, audio spectrum analyzer or peak-reading VU meter.  This is his original "dumb" zipfile distribution repackaged into a full-blown automated Windows 9x/Me/2K/XP installer that makes a directory, installs the files,  and creates a Start Menu group with icons. WaveTools.exe (520KB)
Download the Shuttle Connect-It bundle including the Sony Card Reader driver. UPDATED  8 AUGUST 2000.   More info here. shuttle.exe (1.1MB)
PictX.gif (264 bytes) Pict-X This freeware utility written by Peter Chow, a regular member of the Sony D700 mailing list at Yahoo groups, will automatically seek out the directory on a PC card containing D700/D770 JPG images and transfer them to the directory of your choice on a hard disk. In addition, it extracts the exposure data stored in the header of each picture, decodes it and writes it to a text file. (Some older image-editing programs won't show this data, and strip it from the file the first time the file is opened and then saved). PictX_Setup.exe (1.6MB)
Download SplitIt95. Freeware utility breaks large files into several parts for emailing, then reassembles them into the original. Integrates into the Windows File Explorer so that Splitit! becomes a choice when you right-click on a file name. Includes a 39K JOIN utility you can email with the parts.  This utility only works with Windows 95/98 .  It will not work with Windows 2000 or XP.

splitit.exe (295K)

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