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APRN Annapolis (Live, Remote Images)* Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

Click here for a full description of the APRN (Automatic Picture Relay Network)

The Automatic Picture Relay Network (APRN ) serves as a remote WEB-CAM receive site for Amateur Radio operators in the Annapolis, Maryland area shown above. Any images uplinked on 147.475 locally (and later the Baltimore & Washington DC area) will appear here*. The APRN uses conventional SSTV uplinks and the Kenwood KEN-CAM (or VC-H1) as the favorite Camera. Here is a live camera shot looking East toward the Bay showing the 600' APRS antenna tower.

  • Special Event 4 Dec! Army/Navy Football Run

  • MIR SSTV First MIR SSTV seen on 145.985 at 1730z 12 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Mir Kenwood SSTV Equipment at 1900z 12 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Mir Space view at 1900z 12 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Mir Module view at 1900z 12 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Mir Earth view at 1900z 12 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Mir crew with SSTV in background at 1900z 12 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Solar Panel and earth on 16 Dec
  • MIR SSTV Unknown protuberance on 16 Dec
  • The following section is updated in real time* whenever new images are received. You may select the latest image from each station shown, or select their callsign for a catalog of past images or select the location for a detail map of where the photo was taken.

  • WB4APR 11:15 11/24/98 LOC: 3859.11N/07629.11W TITLE: Kenwood APRS HT
  • W3ADO_ 10:35 11/17/98 LOC: 3859.40N/07629.44W TITLE: Naval Academy Dish
  • W4HFZ_ 10:35 11/17/98 LOC: 3859.00N/07628.11W TITLE: Down-the-hatch
  • KB9OQL 10:35 11/17/98 LOC: 3950.55N/08936.68W TITLE: KB9OQL
  • ANCAM 10:35 11/17/98 LOC: 3858.65N/07629.32W TITLE: BAYCAM


    APRN concept, real time images are identified by APRS packets using the APRS Mic-Encoder format. This single 0.3 second packet at the end of an SSTV image contains not only the senders CALLSIGN, but also his LAT/LONG , TITLE or subject for each image (20 chars max) and possibly the DIRECTION and Field Of View of the image. . Thus this APRN web page is automatic and catalogs, indexes and makes available images instantly. There is no better mechanism than APRN for diseminating real-time, in-the-field images from amateur radio operators in support of emergencies or public service events.

    Since the new Kenwood APRS HT can originate the identifying Mic-Encoder packet with no external accessories (other than an optional GPS), you can even uplink photos from the handheld Ken-Cam with one hand while walking, or biking. Your complete station fits in two pockets.

    We think that APRN augments the worldwide APRS Amateur Radio Packet Reporting and Mesaging system by giving vision to remote and mobile operations. APRN web pages should appear wherever there is local amateur radio live-SSTV activity.

    APRN is a concept presented by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR at the Digital Communication Conference in Chicago, 25 September 1998 and his robotic VISION system presented at the DCC in Baltimore, Sept 1997. John, KB2SCS has developed the first usable APRN software and Skip, K3FOR also had put together a system.

    NOTE! These pages are NOT yet automatic. The purpose of this APRN web page is to show what we COULD do with SSTV.

    APRN Annapolis


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