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Configuring YAAC for Use with FLdigi

YAAC (short for "Yet Another APRS Client) is an APRS program that will link to FLdigi via KISS-over-IP.  YAAC is written in the Java language, meaning it is "portable" -- the same program will run essentially identically on Windows, MacOS, Linux or a Raspberry Pi. You must have the Java 8 Runtime components for your OS installed and running before installing YAAC.

Download the Java installer here:
Ignore any possible warnings about Java not running in your particular browser. The intent here is to run a standalone program (YAAC) that depends on Java, not to use Java as a browser plugin.

Then download the YAAC installer here:
Be sure you have a version of 11 May 2020 or later. Only these latest versions have the "BCN" button on the tool bar that allows you to force beacons-on-demand. (Rather than automatically at intervals.) This is useful for debugging the YAAC-FLdigi linkage, and is required for operation on 60 meters where automatic transmission is prohibited.

YAAC is run by double-clicking the YAAC.jar file in the main install folder for YAAC.  You will probably want to create a desktop shortcut to YAAC.jar for convenience in starting it in the future.   Go through the first-time-run setup wizard to enter essential information such as call and station location lat/long. Skip the port selection dialog for now. Note that because this is not a native Windows application, no label will appear on the title bar at the top of the window, and and icon without name will appear in the Windows Task Bar.

After a significant delay, a map of the area around the coordinates you entered will appear. Pull down and select "File", "Configure", "Expert Mode" as shown.



  1. Click the "Ports" tab..
  2. Click "Add"
  3. A pull-down ports-type list hat shows more port types than the first-run basic setup dialog does.. Choose "KISS-over-TCP".
  4. Enter the IP port # to use.  I selected 4000.
  5. Clear the check boxes for any digi hops.  WIDEn-N is not used on HF.
  6. Click "Save"


IMPORTANT!  FLdigi must be started and running first, before YAAC is started.  FLdigi acts as the TCP server. YAAC is a TCP client and will fail to link up correctly if the server isn't already present.