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I am a Radio Telecom Systems & Field Engineer  with over forty years experience in systems design & integration, commissioning & performance/acceptance testing, and hands-on trouble shooting of a wide variety of complex electronic systems . My emphasis has been on HF/VHF/UHF land-mobile radio systems and wireless data systems. (See resume below.)  My experience ranges from high-power AM-FM-TV broadcast systems, through land mobile voice, data and AVL systems,  to low-power 802.11 wireless LAN devices.   

I worked for the County of Los Angeles Department of Communications for many years.  There I developed an automated radio mapping system used to perform numerous drive tests and radio coverage surveys for the Sheriff and County Fire Department radio networks.  This system combined several pieces of commercial off-the-shelf hardware with personally-developed interface hardware & software, and MapInfo GIS software.  Click Here to see details of this system.

Further, I investigated complaints reported by Sheriff, Fire, Public Works and General Government radio users, tracked down sources of interference, and recommended system changes and updates.  I also worked on developing “stealth” antenna installations to overcome local objections to visible antennas on various county facilities. 

I also set up and demonstrated a prototype GPS-based AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system for the LA Sheriff’s Department, using inexpensive off-the-shelf components.

I spent many hours advising personnel in the Sheriff’s and County Health Services Paramedics departments on radio-related issues.  I always enjoyed interpreting and explaining complex technical issues, both orally and in written form, to non-technical management and supervisory personnel.


B.S. Electronic Engineering, Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan


SELF-EMPLOYED 2006 - Present

PC Systems Integrator and Consultant. Configure, modify and interface PC hardware and software for custom applications.   Write reference cards and guides for clients and user groups.  Windows setup/configuration/optimization. File-format conversions. LAN installation, configuration  and debugging small businesses.  PC Security and Virus/Spyware Extermination. 802.11 Wireless LAN and long-haul link design, setup, configuration


NTIA (National Telecommunications & Information Administration) Jan-May 2006

Telecommunications Systems Engineer   Interoperability evaluation of Project 25 digital public safety land mobile radios


MOTOROLA CGISS  July 2004 -Feb 2005

Systems Technologist    System Integration, Installation, Configuration and Debug of large-scale multi-site 800 MHz Smartzone digital trunked land mobile radio systems. RF interference and coverage investigations on VHF & UHF conventional systems. 



Telecommunications Systems Engineer Built and demonstrated prototype GPS/GIS/AVL (automatic vehicle location) system operating over existing Sheriff's UHF radio network. Modernized control systems in Sheriff's radio networks. Reviewed design proposals for next generation joint Fire/Sheriff radio system.  Radio signal-coverage and interference tests and measurements on numerous projects using my GPS-based automated mapping system including:    Relocation of county microwave links to the 2 GHz band.   Evaluation of simulcast problems on 470 conventional and 800 MHz trunking radio systems.   Investigation of interference and performance problems on 463 MHz paramedic radio systems.}



Telecommunications Systems and Field Engineer. Design and system integration of 40-site 900Mhz mobile-data radio system for a major utility. Developed acceptance testing procedures and built GPS-based automated mapping system for radio signal-coverage measurements. Investigated causes of, and devised solutions for, RFI problems.



Telecommunications Systems Engineer. Design and system integration of new radio systems for Sheriff's Department. Digital upgrade to county-wide Emergency Broadcast System. Developed specifications for radio systems for new county Emergency Operations Center. Designed and built automated system to measure radio signal coverage for (a) preliminary frequency coordination of 800-MHz radio system, (b) investigation of user problems on existing radio systems and (c) acceptance testing of new systems.



Technical Manager, RF Products. Hardware design, system integration and customer support of UHF-radio-based alarm and security systems. Engineering support for manufacturing.


E-SYSTEMS, Hawthorne, CA 1980-1982

Design, System, and Field Engineer. Design and system integration of VHF/UHF digital and voice mobile radio system for Los Angeles Police Department.



Engineering Instructor. Taught electronics and maintenance of inertial navigation systems to employees and customers (mainly foreign-government personnel).


ROCKWELL-COLLINS, Cedar Rapids, IA 1978-1980

Design Engineer. Designed microprocessor-based digital tuning system for KWM-380 HF/SSB transceiver. Planned systems packages for buyers of HF-280 transceiver. Customer support for S/Line. Engineering support for manufacturing.


U.S. ARMY, American Forces Vietnam Network 1968-1970

Broadcast Engineer. Installed FM broadcast station. Maintained and operated TV station. Serviced HF/SSB transceivers.


Read widely about electronic industry, energy, international trade, business and economics. First Class radiotelephone license and Extra class amateur radio license since high school. Built stereo-FM broadcast system and computerized remote-controlled VHF/UHF radio systems.  Amateur radio with emphasis on APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System), SSTV and radio/Internet interconnect.  Modified equipment for and taught morse code and electronics to blind students. Big-band jazz.  Computer graphics, conventional & digital photography, web site design, and desktop GIS.


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