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Aliner 12-Foot "Scout"
Solid-Wall Collapsible Camper

The future WA8LMF "Studio B" :

These pictures show the Aliner as received. I will be spending several weeks outfitting it with AC & DC power, solar power, multiple radios, computers, antennas, and a surround-sound system.  These photos will be updated when the outfitting is complete.

Folded For Travel


Video of Aliner Unfolding  -  Click Anywhere In Picture to Play



Unfolded For Use


Interior - Sitting In Rear Looking Forward.  The table collapses. Then the backs of the two benches fit in the center to become a bunk.


Looking a bit to the right, showing door, window, and table/with storage.


(From Aliner.com website)



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