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Los Angeles Photos

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These standard-VGA-sized (640x480 pixel) images were taken with an original Epson PhotoPC digital camera.

Catalina Island viewed from the south side of the Palos Verdes penninsula near Point Vicente (the location of the former Marineland).
Sunset at Laguna Beach near Dana Point
San Gabriel mountains and Mt Baldy viewed from Kellogg Hill (high point near the junction of the 57 and 10 freeways).

These were shot with a Sony DKC-ID1 (distant forerunner of the D700). This camera produced a 572x768-pixel image at a time when most digicams were producing standard VGA 640x480 pixel pics.

Shot on the high desert (Mohave) about 15 miles east of Palmdale, CA (northern Los Angeles county) about half an hour after sunset.
Downtown LA "smogset". Shot looking west from overcrossing on I-10 (San Bernardino) freeway about 2 miles east of downtown. The dirt and crud in LA's air does create extremely colorful sunsets (the colors in this were not enhanced in Photoshop!)
View from my office window looking south down I-710 (Long Beach) freeway. This is a normal-angle daylight view of the center part of the night superpan view below.

Superpan View of East Los Angeles at Twilight

This 360-degree panaramic view was shot from from the roof of my office in East Los Angeles about an hour before sunrise. It is a composite of 10 5-second time exposures taken on Kodak Gold Max 800 film with a Canon EOS 620 35MM SLR. The negatives were scanned with an original (SCSI) HP Photosmart film scanner. This was my first attempt at assembling multiple photos into a superpan using Corel Paint 8.0.

Left-to-right, you can see a communicatons tower that is the hub of LA County's private microwave network, sunrise over the San Gabriel mountains, the Long Beach freeway (I-710), the city lights of East LA, and at the extreme right two radio towers that belong to the LA County Sheriff and Fire Departments.

This is a 530-pixel high by 6000-pixel wide image. Once it loads into your browser, you will have to scroll sideways a lot!

1110pan.jpg (293K .JPG file)






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