The looming global energy supply chaos, caused by the peaking of world oil production colliding with increasing demand, will irreversibly change our lifestyle.  These on-line discussions about the near future of world-wide oil and gas supplies should scare the hell out of anyone living in the industrialized world.


If you don't know what Peak Oil means, see these websites: 

These sites have an enormous amount of information (and links to even more sites) on the peaking of global oil production, and the looming global energy price explosion and economic disruption that will result. These on-line articles about the near future of oil and gas supplies explode the myth that we can drill ourselves to energy independence.

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The following list of energy and peak-oil related websites was compiled by one of the regular contributers on using the non-de-blog of ThatsItImout and posted on February 18, 2007.
Still the best if you accept the depletion/peak debate as important at all, the first place I actually studied this issue, candid, let's be honest, somewhat dark in viewpoint, but backs his talk up with sound logic, knows how to turn a good phrase, and a great place to pull down presentations to show newcomers why there is real concern about energy.
The long standing advisory council to the Secretary of Energy from the oil/gas industry, and while their views normally are considered the industry viewpoint, they have a history of being somewhat candid and independent, as their recent very dim views on U.S. natural gas supply vs. demand. NPC and Simmons by the way seem to agree that the natural gas crisis may be far more threatening than the crude oil crisis, something generally ignored even by most "peak oil" aware types.
The government's principle National Research Laboratory on renewable energy, kicked around like a football, taken for granted, but a great bunch of technicians and thinkers. These folks deserve so much more than they get in praise and recognition (and no, I nor none of my relatives work there, it's just the truth)
Transportation technology alternatives, always a great source for tech ideas (if the idea of transportation by anything other than foot doesn't make you sick to think about)
A bit over the top sometimes, but good place to work outward on community social issues more than technology:
Chevron's discussion board, not a great place for breaking news, but still, sometimes a small bit of somehing informative can be found there.
Where are the think tanks and foundations spending effort? Greal place to work out from on issues of environmental concern. Check it out.
Distributed Energy is real, and it is growing (despite resistance from many utilities and the "centralized solution only" nuclear fans). The best magazine I have seen on the subject, and the archive issues are a fascinating walk into renewable and distributed energy issues.
Solar energy is real, and at the end of the day the only truly renewable, worldwide alternative. It is still surprising to me that every college, tech school, and university does not have at least a small solar development program and some solar power provided on premise (could it be that great a burden?). In the meantime, check out.
Great links page, again, a good place to work outward. On a like note:
The American Solar Energy Society. Yes, there actually is one and despite the often voiced view here that solar and wind (again, the only truly sustainable alternatives) are mere toys and silver bb's, these folks intend to find out!

So there you have it, a mini links page of renewable/energy/environmental sites that may have some news you have not yet heard! :-)

Roger Conner Jr
Remember, we are only one cubic mile from freedom


The pages below are links within the site :

I have captured each of these pages into Acrobat PDF files for download and off-line use:

End Of Cheap Oil Download

When Will the Joyride End? Download

Methane Madness Download


NEW:  FINALLY!  Peak Oil being discussed in Congress.

On 14 March 2006, a speech over an hour long on Peak Oil was made on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.   This file ( Congressional-Record--PeakOil.pdf ) is a capture, in Acrobat PDF format, of the pages of the official Congressional Record documenting this presentation.




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