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SCIENCE/PCSAT3 External Telemetry/Comm system on ISS
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab, Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

Midshpimen: 1/C Orloff(05), 1/C Kinsbrunner(05), and 1/C Rose(05)

S.C.I.E.N.C.E is a project to install an external telemetry and communications payload on ISS that would provide multiple mode transponders on the space station to assist in the educational and outreach objectives of future space systems students and engineers in DOD, NASA and school systems around the world. The system would be open to experimental users, students and educators around the world and licensed in the ITU Amateur Satellite Service. Here are the first few slides of the full power point presentation.

To take advantage of a DOD launch opportunity while staying within the ITU rules for operations in the Amateur Satellite Service, the primary mission of SCIENCE is the education of DOD students and communications cadre. See the paper on the operation of SCIENCE in the Amateur Satellite Service.

SCIENCE simply adds additional packet, SSTV and linear trasnponders to the existing suite of ARISS experiments. The dotted lines in the block diagram below are the added SCIENCE experiments to the current frequencies of ARISS:

The Telemetry/Command and Control system is based on the simple TNC concept that flew on PCsat and is designed into PCSAT2, ANDE, RAFT and MARScom as shown in this simplified block diagram. The KPC-9612 TNC supports both 1200 and 9600 baud data.

NOTE: This web page is only just beginning since the SCIENCE project is still a few years out. Work will probably not begin until 2005.


All of the following satellite projects use the same simple TNC command and control system as will be used on SCIENCE.

  • The original PCsat transponders
  • PCSAT2 on the ISS
  • The ANDE satellite
  • The RAFT satellite
  • The MARScom satellite

    See the original 2002 proposal for SCIENCE

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