WA8LMF Mirror of WB4APR Website - 21 July 2008 javAPRS view of Latest Earthquake Data

APRS Latest Earthquakes

This is a near real-time display of the locations of the latest Earthquakes as found in various sites. click on the quake to see the location and time of the Quake. This site is under construction and will be more active when we automate the process....

javAPRS Commands (Case Insensitive)
U or D
zooms up/down (you may also use PGup/dn)
L, S, or M
List stations, Show Status or Messages to Java console
CTRL or ALT-click
Centers or Zooms map on clicked location
Arrow keys
scrolls map

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The Naval Academy is a registered user of APRS and WinAPRS. The purpose of this web page is to show several applications currently in use at this site and should not be considered as an advertisement or an endorsement of any commercial product.

WA8LMF Mirror of WB4APR Website - 21 July 2008