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WB4APR APRS Website Mirror (Historic)

This is a snapshot, taken on 21 July 2008, of WB4APR's APRS website formerly located on the U.S. Naval Academy webserver at:

     http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs.html .

The APRS-related parts of the site have now been relocated to a new domain completely off the Naval Academy server at:


  This mirror is no longer being updated to match the new site. 

Due to mis-configured domain name servers and U.S. Department of Defense paranoia, some users, especially outside the US were unable to access the original Naval Academy site. This mirror was originally created to allow these users to view WB4APR's postings on APRS-related issues.  All users everywhere should be able to access the new, non-DoD site.

The original site was a mish-mash of absolute and relative links to other parts of the /~bruninga  area on the Naval Academy server.  Some of these links did not translate successfully to the new aprs.org domain.  I am keeping this snapshot, taken about a week before the move to aprs.org, online to preserve the links that don't work on the new site.


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