WA8LMF Mirror of WB4APR Website - 21 July 2008 FOOTBALL RUN

APRS Tracking 1993 Football Run

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, US Naval Academy Satellite Lab, Annapolis, MD

This is a replay of the Naval Academy 13th Company's annual running of of the Army/Navy Game football from Annapolis to the game, usually in Philadelphia. This is the 1993 running which spanned over 300 miles to the Meadowlands in N.J. Over 100 midshipmen annually run this relay and it takes about 20 hours by foot. In 1993 to cover twice the distance in the same time, bicycles were used. You will see the progress of the football as well as two other chase vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices.

javAPRS Commands (Case Insensitive)
U or D
zooms up/down (you may also use PGup/dn)
L, S, or M
List stations, Show Status or Messages to Java console
CTRL or ALT-click
Centers or Zooms map on clicked location
Arrow keys
scrolls map

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