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Compatibility with the FUTURE of APRS

Automatic Position Reporting System

APRS FUTURE: The most important thing about being APRS compatible is to recognize what defines the baseline of APRS communications, and where we are going with APRS.

KENWOODS: For the future, authors should remember that there are over 5000 Kenwood radios out there with fixed ROM implementations of APRS which will never be upgraded. Authors desiring to convey new information to these users must consider the flexibility already built into APRS to deliver front panel data to these users. Also be aware that 85% of all mobile APRS operators on any given day are using Kenwoods as their sole sorce of APRS data around them. See my Kenwood notes.

IRLP and ECHOLINK: APRS has the potential to revolutionize IRLP and ECHOLINK and all other interfaces between Ham Radio and the Internet. APRS can serve as the signaling and identification means to link people by not just APRS but by voice as well. I call this AVRS for APRS Voice Relay System. See all about AVRS and how it augments IRLP and ECHOLINK.

TINY-WEB-PAGES: I designed APRS to be a real-time digital service for mobile and portable users, not just a Vehicle Location System. Kenwood has provided us an HT and Mobile radio that displays the last 40 "stations" heard. But don't be limited in thinking of these as 'stations". THink of them as 40 TINY-WEB-PAGES that can be used to display ANYTHING of local interest. For example, the status location, frequency and PL of local IRLP or ECHO link nodes.

  • See Tiny-Web-Pages Concepts
  • See all about AVRS, Auto Voice Reporting System about linking IRLP/ECHOlink to APRS.

    APRS-TOUCH-TONE: APRStt is a revolutionary concept in APRS which allows any HT operator with only a T-Tone pad to be able to send and receive data to and from the global APRS system. This changes the APRS playing field from 2% of the worlds HAM population to almost 100%. This can revolutionize APRS applications and for the sake of user familiarity, a STANDARD must be used for all APRStt implementations. See the APRStt SPEC !

    APRS and SATELLITES: There are many HAM satellites that support APRS. ALthough most conform to the standard APRS protocols, there are many considerations that are unique to satellite operations (such as NO-ACKS are desired to messages, only a confirmation of digipeat). See my ASTARS web page. WA8LMF Mirror of WB4APR Website - 21 July 2008