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NATSweb Photo 1: This is a top view of the COMM module with its 19 inch whip out the top. To the left of the ruler are the two transponders (TNC's).

NATSweb Photo 2: This is a closer view of the COMM enclosure and the two TNC's. One TNC is shown electronics side up, the other is shown upside down where the Transmitter, Receiver and Power amplifier are located. The COMM payload is connected to the dual redundant Power Modules by two 15 conductor cables (one connector is shown here).

TRANSMITTER/PA modules: This photo shows the Xmtr and PA module (underneath) mounted on the bottom of the KPC-3 chassis. In the forground is the telemetry module and all the interface wiring. The empty space in the left foreground is for the receiver.

TELEMETRY Module: This module contains 30 resistors, and diodes plus four transistors for conditioning the Telemetry from 4 current and 4 temperature sensors. It is all jumble wired onto the dB-15 interface connector. It will be potted with RTV prior to flight.

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WA8LMF Mirror of WB4APR Website - 21 July 2008