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WAV Audio Files for Use with UI-View or APRSplus

These are an assortment of sound effects selected to be very short (most are less than half a second) but attention getting. I have downsampled most of these to the smallest file size possible (most are less than 2K) without without compromising audio quality.

KenBeeps.zip (6K file) This file contains 5 recordings of the two-tone "beep-boop" sound effect made by the Kenwood TM-D700 transceiver when it's internal APRS firmware hears your callsign being digipeated.

These recordings can be used to make various programs such as UI-View or APRSplus create the same sounds. The beep-boop sound effect can be annoying when played at full volume through a Windows sound system, so I have provided three versions of the original sound at Soft, Medium and Loud settings.

In addition, I modified the original sound with the CoolEdit Pro audio editor to create two new versions. One is twice the speed and pitch of the original; the other is oddly warped and sounds totally different. They might be useful for announcing the logging of a particular call, bulletins, etc.

To use the "KenBeep" sound with UIview, copy the desired sound into the subdirectory \WAV under the main UIview program directory and rename it "digid.wav" after renaming the existing file of the same name.

To use sounds with APRSplus, copy the wav files into the subdirectory \WAV located under the main APRSplus program directory.  You do not need to rename the files.  Inside the APRSplus program, pull down
"SETUP" and select the "Sounds" tab. You can then choose to associate any sound file with any event listed in the resulting dialog.
UIsounds.exe ( Makes UI-view beep like a D700 when your own call is digipeated, and sound like an AOL IM when a message is received.

Replaces (OVERWRITES !) the standard UIview digid.wav file with the Kenwood two-tone beep and the message.wav file with the AOL Instant Messenger tinkling chime respectively.

Unpack into main UIview program directory. Paths embedded in this ZIP file will then place these filesin the subdirectory \WAV under the main UI-View

MiscWAVs.zip (51K file) An assortment of short sound effects suitable for punctuating Windows system events or announcing events in UI-View, APRSplus or similar programs. File contains:
  • Ahooga.wav
  • Anvil.wav
  • Beep.wav
  • Bonk.wav
  • BONK2.wav
  • Button_dwn.wav
  • Click.wav
  • CLICKloud.WAV
  • CLICKsoft.WAV
  • Clockchm.wav
  • CorkPOP.WAV
  • DING.wav
  • Laser.wav
  • MetallicCLICK.WAV
  • Phaser.wav
  • Sqeak.wav
  • Start.wav
  • Thud.wav
  • Whoosh.wav













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