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Using Precision Mapping 7.0 With UIview

Undertow Software's Precision Mapping Streets & Traveler 7.0 a.k.a. "Precision Mapping 7.0" a.k.a. "PMap 7" was discontinued in October 2006.  However some APRS users continue to use this older program with UIview for fully scrollable zoomable street-level mapping of the US and Canada.   The "middleware" Precision Mapping Server Ver 7 is required to display PMap 7 maps inside UIview.

Precision Mapping 8.1, introduced in April 2009 is the current version. It also works with UIview via the same Precision Mapping Server Ver 7 plugin for UIview originally developed for Precision Mapping 7.0.  However, the install process is different.

The notes below ONLY apply to Precision Mapping 7.0 .  

They DO NOT apply to Precision Mapping 8.0 or 8.1 .    Click Here for details on using Precison Mapping 8.0 or 8.1 with UIview.


Installing Precision Mapping Version 7.0 and PMap Server 7 for UIview

A complete UIview / Precision Mapping 7.0 install consists of three separate programs that must be installed separately, and in the correct order:

These components must be installed from the original install files or CDs!! You can't just copy them from another computer. The linkages between these programs depend on entries in the the Windows registry that will be left behind if you simply copy them from one machine to another.  Only properly executing the installers will create these critical registry entries.   

They MUST be installed in this order:

1)    Install UIview32 Ver 2.03 (current and latest 32-bit version 2.03) downloaded from the UI-view.net website. You must have a registration code to complete the install.    You must use the 32-bit version; the 16-bit version of UIview with a seemingly higher version number (2.39) WON'T WORK.

2)    REBOOT!

3)    Install Precision Mapping Streets & Traveler  7.0 and register it online.  The first time you run Precision Mapping, you will be nagged to register.   Precision Mapping must be purchased from it's publisher Undertow Software at: http://undertowsoftware.com
Note: Precison Mapping 7 is no longer available. It has been superseded by Precision Mapping 8.1 as of April 2009.

4)    REBOOT!

5)    Install the Precision Mapping Version 7 server downloadable from the UI-view.net website. Unlike earlier versions of the Precision Mapping server, Ver 7 does not need to be registered with Undertow Software.  After install, execute the entry for "InitPMap7Server" that will have appeared in your Windows Start Menu.

6)    REBOOT!

7)    Start UIview.  Pull down "Maps" and select the entry for "Precision Mappping V7 Server".     On the first run, you will be prompted to navigate to the base directory of the Precision Mapping program  (not the PMap Server directory!) in order to inform the PMap Server program where the PMap data files are located.

Precision Mapping Database Updates     After installing Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler 7.0, there are several updates for the Precision Mapping program and the mapping database available from the Undertow website.  The program updates improve the handling of overlays and underlays (especially useful if you are going to use US National Weather Service images with UIview).  The map database updates correct numerous problems and errors with shoreline details around the Great Lakes and elsewhere (of considerable interest to Canadians & Americans in the Vancouver, BC/Seattle, USA area,  and anyone living around the Great Lakes).  The download page is at:


The EXE files are program updates, the others are database updates. Note that some of these files are over 20MB.  A fast Internet connection is recommended!




Note for Precision Mapping 5 and 6 Users:  These earlier versions of Precision Mapping and their associated PMap servers do not use the MapPro71.ocx control. If one of these earlier versions of Precision Mapping is present on your system, install Precision Mapping 8 following the from-scratch install rather than as an upgrade.   (These older versions are now obsolete, non-supported by Undertow Software, and CAN NOT be re-registered on a new computer.)

You do not need to un-install Precision Mapping 5 or 6 before installing Version 7 or 8. If you have the disk space, you may actually want to keep PMap 6 on your system, since it has drawing tools that can create UI-View compatible map overlays such as marked up routes and added points of interest (for a parade route or marathon for example). The later Precision Mapping 7 and 8 create these overlays in a format incompatible with UI-View.    (Once the overlays are created in Pmap 6.0 , they can be loaded by the PMap Server 7, and used with PMap 7 or 8 in UIview. It's just that the later versions lack the tools to create them.)