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Alaska Photos

Scroll Down for More Pictures These are a sampling of the over 700 pictures I took with the Sony D700 digital camera during my trip to Alaska in June of 1999. This trip combined a 7-day cruise from Vancouver, BC to Seward, AK and then a 5-day land trip from Seward to Fairbanks via Anchorage and Denali Park.

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WARNING!    Slow Modem Alert!   The full-size images linked to these thumbnails are large (200-350K each). These are 1344x1024 1.4 megapixel images at the original size and resolution as they came from the D700. They are far larger than the window in most browsers (unless you have a 1200x1600 SXGA display!) and will require you to scroll to see the entire image. These . .JPGs have been lightly compressed in Photoshop LE 4.0 (The raw JPG images directly out of the camera in "High Quality" mode were 600K-700K).

Map of Alaska showing Itinerary Map of Alaska created from Microsoft Automap Streets Plus showing stops on the trip.
View From Vancouver BC Cruise Port Building Vancouver, BC harbor from cruiseport building roof.
Looking Back in Inside Passage Looking off stern of Norwegian Dynasty in the Inside Passage
Lighthouse about 1 Hour out of Vancouver Lighthouse about an hour north of Vancouver, BC
Waiter Watching GPS Display on Ship Waiter watching GPS map display of the position of our ship on my laptop. I was running Delorme Street Atlas 6.0 with the Earthmate GPS receiver on a Kapok 8500M P-II-266 with a 15" screen.
Midnight Chocolate Buffet on Cruise Ship Midnight buffet on board. Everything in this spread was made of chocolate. The D700's auto white level did an amazing job of correcting for the yellowish light from a chandelier of low-wattage bulbs. (An available-light conventional film shot of this scene would have been yellowish-red.)
Wrangell, AK Harbor Wrangell, AK harbor from ship as we departed.
Juneau Harbor from Mt Roberts Tramway Juneau, AK. View from Mt Roberts Tramway looking down on docked cruise ships. Ours was the smaller one to the right. At this point, we were about 2200 feet above the harbor.
Hubbard Glacier Hubbard Glacier in Yakutut Bay. We sailed up to within a quarter mile of the glacier. The larger Princess Lines ship following us couldn't get anywhere near as close! The ice really was this amazing intense blue color (at least it looks that way on my monitor!).

Superwide Angle Shots In Denali National Park (Alaska)

The two pictures linked below are superwide pan shots assembled from 7 separate shots. I set the D700 zoom at about 50MM equivalent, rested the camera on a fencepost (no panhead tripod!) and turned it approximately 30 degrees between shots. I then assembled them on the spot in the Denali Bluffs Lodge using Corel Photopaint 8 on my laptop while waiting for a tour bus. I chopped off about 1/5 of each picture on the left and right side, then overlapped the remainder by hand (no autostitching or fitting). These images are 490 pixels high by about 3500 wide. You will have to scroll horizontally to view the entire picture. I have not provided any thumbs for these two pictures because they come out as tiny, completely illegible slivers.

These were shot on June 18th, 1999. At this time of year, and at the latitude of Denali Park, the sun set about 11:15 PM and rose again at about 3:45. It never got dark. One picture was shot at 11:30 AM, the other is the identical view at 11:30 PM. The night picture is not a time exposure; it was about a 1/30th second snapshot at f 5.6 with the D700 in the ISO 100 mode.

Denali National Park Super Pan Views

11:30 AM

(380K JPEG)


11:30 PM

(357K JPEG)

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