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WA8LMF  Roadtrip Tracker

(Fixed Relief-Map Regional Views)


WA8LMF  Roadtrip Tracker

(Close-Up Zoomable View on APRS.fi)

This view, formerly plotted on Google Maps, shows past-history "breadcrumb" tracks, and can be zoomed in and out

Since Google started demanding tens of thousands of dollars a month for serving maps, the operator of APRS.fi switched to OpenStreets.org (non-profit organization) as a map source.

The information is the same, but the appearance is not as nicely presented. Particularly, the highway route-number shields are no longer shown.  These used to distinguish between Interstate highways, older US-numbered highways, and state/local route numbers.

Unfortunately, since the map source is no longer Google Maps, the Street View option is also no longer available.



The Official Anthem of the Great American Road Trip!


Route 66

Nat King Cole

Route 66

Manhattan Transfer

Route 66

Glenn Frey

Route 66

Russel Malone/

Diana Krall (2015)


"Route 66" was composed in 1946 by Bobby Troup, and become a big hit for Nat King Cole the same year. Since then, dozens of singers and bands have "covered" (re-recorded) this iconic standard. Here are a few of the best ones.