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APRS Digipeater Operation

Demonstration of "New Paradigm" digipeater paths using a home fill-in digipeater and two tiers of high-level digipeaters. Note the changes in the path string as the packet passes through three digipeaters.


IMPORTANT!   For illustration purposes, this example uses a path setting with three digipeater hops (WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2), in order to clearly show how WIDEn-N decrementing works. 

In actual use, one should ALMOST NEVER use more than TWO hops, to minimize congestion in distant locations on the shared APRS radio channel. The recommended path setting for a mobile station is:


The recommended path setting for a fixed station is:

WIDE2-1   only.

The recommended path setting for an airborne station is NO path at all above a few thousand feet, or at the maximum, only one hop:

WIDE2-1   only.



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