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California Near Space Project QUAD Launch

CNSP-11 & CNSP-12
Long-Duration Stratospheric Floaters

CNSP-11 WORLD RECORD Ham Balloon Flight Landed In Mediterranean Sea After A Two-Day 6,236-Mile Flight Across the Atlantic!

CNSP-11, launched at 16:43 Pacific Time 12 December 2011, crossed the entire continental US and left the U.S. mainland headed out over the Atlantic about 0330 UTC Tuesday. Radio contact was lost about 400 miles off the New Jersey coast. At that point it was still transmitting and reporting normal battery voltage, holding altitude around 107,000 ft, and headed toward the Straights of Gibraltar at about 150 MPH (240 KM/h). 

Stations in the Azores started receiving it again mid-afternoon US EST (early evening UTC) Tuesday.  K6RPT-11 reached mainland Europe at about 00:39 EST (0539 UTC) Wednesday 14 December 2011. It made landfall on the southern Atlantic coast of Spain near Jerez De LaFrontera, Spain. It crossed over Spain into the Mediterranean Sea
, and finally burst and was lost in the ocean off the coast of Libya around 09:46 UTC 14 December 2011.

More Details Here: 

CNSP-12 Flight Over - Landed near Indianapolis, Indiana


CNSP-13 & CNSP-14
High Altitude/Short Duration (Both landed in western Nevada)

 First Launch Around:
4:00 PM Sunday Local  (Pacific Standard Time) 

0000 UTC Monday 12 December

Actual time and date of each map capture is in upper-left corner of each image.

These are large (1920 x 1080 Full HD) screen captures from UIview and Delorme's TopoUSA 8.0.  Many browsers will try to downsize these images to fit your screen, making the map details and labels an illegible blur, if your computer's display is less than 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.  

Most modern browers can be toggled to display the image full size by clicking in the image area, or by choosing an image resize option from a pull-down menu.  You will then get a clear display, but only part of the map will show. Scroll down and to the right to see all areas of both maps.

UI-View & Precision Mapping 9.0          Scroll down for Topo map display.   

 CNSP-11 (K6RPT-11) and CNSP-12 (K6RPT-12)


CNSP-12 (K6RPT-12 only) on Delorme TopoUSA 8.0

Tracked Station on Delorme TopoUSA 8.0